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Planning Information

Columbia County Rental Facilities & Venues makes memories happen by offering affordable, quality venues.


Pricing Varies by Venue, Time Frame, & Date

Columbia County Exhibition Center (CCEC)

Savannah Rapids Pavilion

SRP Park & Canal Headgates

Eubank Blanchard Center

Cancellation Policies*

All cancellations must be made in writing to be accepted and processed.

General Cancellation Timelines (excluding Canal Headgates Buildings, Picnic Pavilions, and Eubank Blanchard Center)

  • If the event is cancelled within 24 hours of contract signing, 100% of payment is returned.
  • If cancellation is 120 days or more prior to event, 100% of payment minus an administrative fee (varies by venue, please consult the Venue Rental Packet for the venue you are interested in) is refunded.
  • If cancellation is 60-119 days prior to event, fifty percent (50%) of rental fee is lost.
  • If the event is cancelled 2-59 days prior to event, the entire rental fee is lost, the damage deposit will be refunded.
  • If contract signing is less than 60 days prior to the event, a 24 hour grace period is offered. After that all existing cancellation deadlines apply.

Additional Considerations

  • Any cancellations will require the Renter to immediately publicize the cancellation at the Renter’s expense.
  • The Columbia County Rental Facilities & Venues Department reserves the right to cancel any event that has been misrepresented, is publicly offensive, or does not comply with venue rental rules. The event can be cancelled at any time, even if the event has already begun.
  • If an event has to be cancelled or interrupted due to a catastrophe or dangerous situation, the first available date will be offered to the Renter at no additional fee. If a new date is not available or accepted, no refund will occur.

*Cancellation Policies stated above are subject to change. For full details regarding each venue’s cancelation policy, please consult the Venue Rental Packet for a specific venue.

Venue Rental Packets

Prices, Rules, Procedures, & Contracts

Columbia County Exhibition Center

General Venue Rental Packet

Rules, Procedures, & Contract

Savannah Rapids Pavilion

General Venue Rental Packet

Rules, Procedures, & Contract

SRP Park

Races, Walks, and Fundraisers

Rules, Procedures, & Contract

Eubank Blanchard

General Venue Rental Packet

Rules, Procedures, Contract Packet

Example Floor Plans

Not sure where to start with your floor plan? View and download some examples.

Decorating Rules

The Do's and Don'ts of Decorating. Don't see your item listed? Contact us.

Not Allowed

Scotch, Duck, Masking, or other tapes, besides ScotchBlue Painter's Tape

Nails, Tacks, or Staples

Glue Dots, Command Strips, or Glue

Exposed, Open Flames

Pyrotechnics, Sparklers, or Fireworks

Glitter or Streamers


Mylar or Paper Confetti

Household Rice

Sill String

Wedding Poppers

Birdseed (Inside Venue)

No Fog or Bubble Machines

No Hay or Straw

Balloons Released Outside

Turkey or Deep Fryer

Loose Feathers or Beads

Loose Sand or Pebbles

Please note movable partition walls may not be moved during your event.


ONLY ScotchBlue Painter's Tape

Biodegradable Confetti (Outside Only)

Biodegradable Wedding Rice (Outside Only)

Flameless Candles

Enclosed Candles (below the rim of enclosure)

Fake Rose Petals (Inside Only)

Biodegradable, Real Rose Petals (Outside Only)

Whole Flower Arrangements

Balloons (weighted and tethered)

Various Lighting Options, if not interfering with fire safety regulations

Chair & Table Sizes

Columbia County Exhibition Center

Columbia County Exhibition Center

Savannah Rapids Pavilion

Savannah Rapids Pavilion

Eubank Blanchard & SRP Park

Eubank Blanchard & SRP Park